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The "Beauty Moment"

I have always admired the homeschool moms that "have it all together" or can seemingly take an entire afternoon to read poetry and sip tea for Poetry Tea Time.

The truth is, this is not an easy, happens all the time event in our house. I have five not-so-dainty boys who could care less about tea (we're working on changing that). But I still wanted to have this quiet moment during the week when we all sit down with a special treat and experience beauty together.

Because of this longing, I sought out ways to make this work in our life - in the home and household the Lord gave ME.

The Beauty Moment is the result of that desire. So today I'm sharing how I implement this in our homeschool, some practical tips on how to do this, and a word of encouragement.

Beauty Moment

  • Beautiful Taste: Our weekly Beauty Moment takes place on Monday afternoons. I try to always have some special snack to serve - above and beyond the usual mid-afternoon snack. Sometimes it's a baked treat, sometimes it's store bought. I've even popped into Crumbl for a few cookies to sample. Other times, it's popcorn! ...hey, life gets crazy sometimes...If the boys are interested I will serve them caffeine free tea, but usually they request milk.

  • Beautiful Sound: Often during the week I play our monthly composer on Alexa. So this is a perfect time to put on some soft Vivaldi or Beethoven in the background to set the tone.

  • Beautiful Words: I keep an assortment of beautiful words to read for our Beauty Moment in my outdoor basket (this inexpensive caddy from Target). Every few weeks I cycle through these different genres to give us fresh ideas.

Here are a few we have been using lately:

  • Stories: unique fairy tales, imaginative stories, stories of bravery and courage
  • Poetry: nature poetry and select poems by various poets
  • Shakespeare: we are currently studying Hamlet so we have a variety of Hamlet resources

Now, this may seem all well and good, but we know days don't always go as planned and we all get a bad case of the "mondays" from time to time, so how do we actually arrive at the Beauty Moment.

Some things I've learned along the way:

  • plan ahead: know what treat you want to serve and prepare it ahead of time
  • keep the books out: leave those books right where you'll trip over them so you can easily grab them when the moment arrives
  • be patient: most kiddos can't sit for hours, they need to build up their attention skills, so start small and be patient
  • engage: as you'll see in my encouragement below, there's more to the Beauty Moment than just reading, its an opportunity to engage - ask what they liked or didn't like

Be encouraged.

The Beauty Moment is fleeting. Whether you manage to gather all your kiddos every week for banana bread and Shakespeare or you've done it one single time, its not what's important. The true beauty lies in the opportunity we have to impart beauty, truth, and hope. That is the Beauty Moment - a relationship.


Story books

Poetry books