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Oratorio Picture Study Packet

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This Picture Study Packet is designed to be used alongside The Symphony of History Volume III Oratorio.

A beautiful, and often famous, piece of art is provided for each week of study in order to provide a visual representation of the week's history readings.

  • Picture study is an excellent tool to practice and hone the skill of observation. As your student spends time taking in the details of each work of art they are training their mind to notice, take in, enjoy, remember, compare and contrast, and evaluate.
  • For students ready for narration I would encourage you to then put the picture away and have them narrate what they saw. This skill allows the student to organize their thoughts and is a part of higher level thinking and allows for the powers of memory recall.
  • Each piece of art has been carefully chosen to include a scene or topic from that week's study, so the student has a visual picture of what they are hearing. The only exception is week 11 in which there is no chosen art work. 

The images contained in this PDF are in the Public Domain as per the United States Copyright Law. If you want the pictures in print, the copyright allows for you to print and bind them into a little volume for

personal and educational purposes. 

For printing, we recommend our print partner Humble Heart Press.

You will get a PDF (22MB) file

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