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The Symphony of History | Volume III Oratorio

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A Gospel-centered, chronological study of history,

The Symphony of History guides your student to study history through the lens of the Good News of Jesus Christ, watching history and the redemption story unfold on the stage of the world. Much like a beautiful and complex symphony, history has taken many twists and turns, with ups and downs, but none have been outside of the loving care and direction of the Master Composer and Conductor.

Volume III Oratorio is a 24 week study of history with the use of excellent living books, biographies, geography mapping, timeline notebooking, and fun activities. Guided lessons and a walk through the "players" of history (a unique way to look at history only from Moravia Press) are included, with additional learning assignments. A comprehensive booklist is included, as well as two appendices with resources and maps.

Term 1 Revolution to Young Nation

Term 2 Antebellum America

Term 3 The Civil War to Immigration

We recommend pairing this study with the History Timeline notebook and Narration notebook by Moravia Press, available separately.

We also recommend the FREE Picture Study packet that compliments each week of study.

*the guide includes QR Codes for easy links, if you choose to print the document.

For printing, we recommend our print partner Humble Heart Press.

You will get a PDF (134MB) file

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