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In Flanders Fields Mini Unit

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This mini-study seeks to provide a history of the background and significance of two honorable holidays – Memorial Day and Veterans Day. These holidays are intertwined in their essence and purpose. While the former commemorates those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, the latter remembers those who willingly served. Both have their beginnings in the atrocities of war and the darkest hours of our nation's history, yet the annual remembrance of courage, honor, valor, and fortitude unites us all.

Each holiday will be studied in the rhythm of learn, read, do, discussion/narration, and Gospel connection. In the lesson section, the goal is to have your children understand the holiday's history and its importance to national identity.

There are two lessons for each holiday, which can be studied in the days leading up to the holiday or on the holiday itself. I recommend studying the Memorial Day lessons on or slightly before Memorial Day, and the Veterans Day lessons on November 11th.

Each lesson includes assigned reading, poetry, picture study, activity, and discussion/narration.

*the guide includes QR Codes for easy links, if you choose to print the document.

For printing, we recommend our print partner Humble Heart Press.

You will get a PDF (39MB) file

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