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Preschool Letter Notebook

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Designed to be used alongside When I Was Four Preschool, this notebook allows the child to create and take pride in their letter learning activities.

  • A child's first introduction to reading and letters should be fun and gentle. The purpose of this notebook is to facilitate this gentle introduction.
  • As your child is introduced to letters and their sounds have them draw the letter on the corresponding letter page, cut out pictures from old magazines or ads of items that begin with the corresponding letter, or have them decorate the letter page with simple and fun stickers or foam stickers from the craft store.
  • When reading your favorite picture books ask them what things from the book could be added to their letter page.
  • Allow them to initiate this design and take pride it. The letters do not need to be introduced in alphabetical order or even on a regular schedule. Make this project fun and inviting.
  • One picture book suggestion per letter is always included to make this an open and go activity. There is also a blank book list for you to add your own letter books. 
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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