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The Land of Storybooks Mini Unit

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This mini study seeks to look at the value and beauty of the written word, specifically as it relates to children’s books. I find children’s picture books delightful to read and enjoy. I am sure every mom has at least a few picture books memorized front to back, with worn out covers, because their kids just love the story so much. I have often found myself picking up more adult reading material on a topic we first encounter in a children’s picture book and it has led to many of my own reading rabbit trails. This is truly the definition of The Land of Storybooks - that delightful ability a story has to take us on an adventure!

Sharing that time and story together is something I will treasure forever. But children’s books have not always been available or accessible and this unit study seeks to look at the history and the development of children’s literature. And by doing so, gain an appreciation for children’s books.

Each the six lessons follows the rhythm of

  • learn
  • read
  • make
  • discussion/narration and
  • Gospel connection

Written for ages 5-12, with discussion questions designed for 8+

*For printing, we recommend our print partner Humble Heart Press.

You will get a PDF (17MB) file

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