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About Me

I’m Tiffany and Moravia Press is my little corner of creation, where I share all things motherhood, homeschooling, and curriculum. I have a passion for imparting Beauty, Truth, and Hope to my children. I grew up in the heart of Europe to missionaries, where I spent my childhood learning all the classics and experiencing many diverse cultures. I met my husband Jason in 2009 and we were married the next year. I worked in the legal field before starting our family. As soon as our oldest was approaching school age I dove into homeschooling and learning, researching styles, philosophies, and curriculum. Over the last 5 years I have been blessed to be able to not only teach my children, but also create and design learning guides and curriculum, as well as teach a class of students in our community. My favorite novel is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. We have been blessed with five boys (ages 2-9) and make our home in the north San Francisco Bay.